About Zac

I am a coach and teacher.

I facilitate an experience that empowers people to teach themselves how to move away from pain and progress their physical movement abilities.

I do this for people who are ready to be coached and willing to get uncomfortable by moving into the unknown.

The people I coach need…

  • to be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • to be empowered and inspired
  • to know that anytime we move from what is known into the unknown we experience discomfort, and that’s ok
  • to be able to know the difference between physical pain and physical discomfort
  • to know that the feeling of discomfort is the beginning of becoming aware of one’s physical body in motion
  • to become aware of how we are moving our physical body throughout our day
  • to transfer the movement skills learned in the gym or studio into their life

When I deliver on my craft the people I coach are empowered to move away from pain and further progress their physical movement abilities enhancing their health-span and quality of life.

From the minute we wake up in the morning to the minute before we fall sleep we are moving. Even while we sleep most of us move around to some degree. The shapes we make and  movement patterns we complete throughout the day affect how we feel and how we perform at work and in life.

We are always “practicing” how our body will move and the shapes we are able to make. This impacts our bodies capacity to perform tasks as the physical body begins to age. This means when it comes to our fitness or wellness the shapes and patterns we perform all day outside of the gym or studio are just as important as when we are working out or practicing.

We move to live. My mission is to facilitate and experience that empowers humans to connect more deeply with their physical body enabling them to move away from pain and progress towards their goals.

On this site you will find my opinions, experiences, and thoughts as I share my passion for movement with those who are interested and willing to listen. All are subject to evolve and change at any given moment.

Our bodies and our minds are always in a constant state of progression. Change is the only constant in life.

I have been coaching since 2012. I was a head coach at 8th Day Gym from December 2014 – August 2018. Since then I’ve been the head coach at CrossFit Luminary. During my coaching career I’ve taught for nearly 10000 hours. During that time I’ve taught dozens of seminars covering various styles of movement. I truly enjoy facilitating an experience that empowers people to progress their technique and efficiency utilizing progressions and sharing a different perspective.

I’m from Zeeland Michigan. I believe that teaching movement is about telling the story of how movements feel as they are completed. Being able to describe each step of a movement in a way that makes sense to others, allows them to experience the feeling of those movements that they have yet to complete. Once an athlete experiences how movements feel, real progress happens. This allows them to connect each part of the movement as they practice the progressions.

I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 8 until 21. I attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on scholarship for swimming. I believe that hours spent in the pool learning how to efficiently move through the water left me with a intuitive sense for how movement should look and feel leaving me with a heightened sense of body awareness.

I believe in education of all types. I pursue education through being coached, coaching those that are willing and ready to be coached, my personal practice, travel and experiences. I also pursue education in the form of certifications. Certifications are a gateway to education and experience. I don’t allow a person’s certifications to limit my belief in their ability to teach me what I am looking to learn.

Think about the best meal you’ve ever eaten. Was that meal prepared by a certified chef? Or was it prepared by someone out of love and from experience?

Check out my certifications the seminars I’ve attended that have shaped my coaching style and philosophy.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification (RYS)
  • Freestyle Connection Seminar (4x)
  • Freestyle Weightlifting Seminar
  • Freestyle Beyond Coaching (2x)
  • Acroyoga Elemental Immersion

Since 2014 I’ve taught CrossFit classes, personally trained, and taught specialty seminars to a broad range of demographics. As a coach I facilitate an experience where clients learn the tools to progress towards their goals and move away from pain they are experiencing in life or at the gym.

Train with me at your home or one of several Grand Rapids locations.

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Zac Kraai

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Zac Kraai