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Swimmers work very hard in the pool year round. Swim season will end. Swim careers will end. In life, we will never stop moving, unless we are sleeping, in a coma, or dead. We use CrossFit to teach athletes how to move their bodies for life. We then teach athletes how to apply these movements in the pool.

Swimmers swim enough. We will train like body to move like an elite athlete outside of the pool and then relate these skills to better movement in the pool.

Range of motion prevents both chronic and acute injuries. The body was meant to do a lot more than just swim. Moving the body through all of these natural movements strengthens the joints and tissues preventing injuries.

Looking back at my swimming career I wish someone had taught me how to move like an athlete outside of the pool. I have been studying movement, coaching movement, and most important, practicing movement for 5 years through CrossFit and Yoga. I am excited to share what I have learned as an athlete and coach in my career thus far. I’m even more excited to share with young athletes how to apply these skills in out of the pool.


Utilizing structure, accountability and professional coaching to teach athletes how to consistently perform the mechanics of Crossfit movements until they can perform them safely and efficiently. Then add intensity to build speed and strength in and out of the pool.


– 30 CrossFit classes
– 37.5 hours of training and professional coaching

– 6 weeks of individualized coaching
– 6 weeks of daily movement practice homework

– Performance tracking and training journals

– Nutrition education

– Limited to 12 athletes



Monday June 12 – Friday July 21

Monday – Friday 2:00pm – 3:15pm



CrossFit Flight

647 96th Ave, Holland, MI 49424


Payment Information

Cash or Check made payable to Move To Live LLC

Payment due Monday June 12th at the beginning of the first session.


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