ZHMS Summer CrossFit Program

 Swim Faster Without Swimming More

CrossFit – Forging Elite Fitness

Develop strength and speed in and out of the pool.


Swimming is a tough sport physically and mentally. The back and forth in the water following the line on the bottom of the pool for hours a day 5-6 days per week can be mind numbing. The repetitive nature of the sport can leave athletes with tendinitis. Even with the stellar creativity of awesome coaches at the end of the day it’s still back and forth following the line on the bottom of the pool. This is hard on the body and mentally tough.

I swam for Mike Torrey for a decade. I then accepted a scholarship to swim at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Through the Zeeland Swim program and Torrey’s coaching I learned many life lessons that I would only recognize later. 

When you show up “on-time” you’re late and you’re going to hear about it. When you show up 10 minutes early, now you’re actually “on-time”. Also, if you and your buddies work you rear ends off, stick to a routine and follow the plan, you’ll accomplish things you never thought possible.

After college swimming was no longer part of my life I found Yoga and CrossFit.  I have been studying, practicing, and coaching CrossFit for 5 years and Hatha Yoga for 3 years. In that time I’ve coached over 6000 hours of CrossFit and over 800 athletes. I’ve coached athletes ranging from CrossFit Games world champions to retired grandparents.  

I am currently completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. I have my CFL1 Certification through CrossFit. I’ve attended Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Movement Seminar and Freestyle Weightlifting Seminar. Carl heavily influences my coaching style. 

Here’s Carl on the how we approach learning movements…

and the style of movements we practice in our training…

Through my coaching career I’ve seen what Yoga and CrossFit can do for any humans athleticism and overall fitness. The efficacy of CrossFit is outstanding. I’ve watched these movement practices turn a 60 year old overweight grandmother into a competitive athlete in the best shape of her life in 12 months. Any program that can have that positive of an affect on a person in their 60’s is exponentially more potent to high school athletes.

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